1. What is the Check in & Check out time? Do you allow early check-in & late check-out?

We follow a standard check in time of 2:00pm, and a standard check out time of 12:00 noon. If you are arriving earlier than the standard check in time or leaving later than our standard check- out time, please let me know so I can confirm if we are able to accommodate the request, as usually there are guests in the unit before & after your stay.
If we are unable to accommodate the early check-in/late check-out, please feel free to leave your luggages at the reception lobby. They can safe keep the luggages for you. Greenbelt mall is just a block away, and there is also an all day breakfast/café in the building where you can lounge around while waiting.

2. Where is the property located?

We have 2 main locations for our condo units. The lofts are located in Makati, and 1 bedroom condominiums, located near Mall of Asia.

3. Is there parking in the building?

There is only 1 parking slot being rented out to short term tenants in the building. If you will need overnight parking, please contact us immediately to confirm the availability. It is on a first-come- first-serve basis. The rate is Php 180.00 per night.

4. What does the rate cover? Are utilities unlimited?

The rate is inclusive of the nightly rent for the unit, dues covering the use of all the building amenities like the pool & the gym (in Makati), playground, lounge area, etc. It also includes unlimited access to the highspeed wifi in the unit & cable TV subscription.

5. Are towels, bed linens and toiletries included? How about cleaning, how often is it?

The towels extra beds and bed linens will be provided for the declared # of guests. We provide a starter kit for the toiletries like shampoo, soap and toilet paper rolls. Toiletries, water and other needs for the rest of the stay can easily be bought at the convenience stores at the ground floor of the building.

The cleaning fee included in the price is for the cleaning before check in and after check out.

6. How fast is the internet in the unit?

Very fast, broadband speed. None of our guests have been let down by the speed of our internet. We’ve had guests who relied on our internet connection for access to their business (such as uploading and downloading gigabytes of data for the editing/proof-reading of a book) and all have been very happy with the connection speed.

7. Do you offer airport service?

Yes, as an additional service. Our airport pick up and drop off is at Php900.00 one way. Please indicate in your communications to us if you would like to avail of either pick up or drop off.

8. Can I have guests in the unit who will not be sleeping there?

You can treat the property as your own home while you are there! You can of course entertain your guests in the unit, just please let the reception desk know who will be coming up, so they can authorize their entry. We just limit the guests to a maximum of 5 at a time, so as not to disturb the neighbors.

9. Am I allowed to host a party in the unit?

We have now stopped allowing parties in our unit, due to damages in the unit and heavy cleaning needed after check out.


10. Is smoking allowed in the unit?

If you booked a balcony unit, smoking is allowed at the balcony, but not inside the unit. If it is not a balcony unit, smoking areas are limited to the roofdeck, and open areas in the building.

11. How many people are allowed to swim? Will my guests be allowed too? What time does the pool close?
The swimming pool is limited to the registered tenants (only the names of the people registered in the move in form) up to a maximum of 2 people swimming at a time in Makati and up to 4 in the Mall of Asia condos.

12. I need to reschedule or cancel my booking. What is your policy?

Cancellations should be made in writing by emailing shortstayph@gmail.com. Cancellations made 14 days prior to the check in date shall be refunded 100% of the booking fee less any charges made by the credit card issuer, intermediary banks or payment gateways. Any cancellations made 13 days or less prior to the check in date shall not be refunded. In case of a request for modification or alteration we will try to accommodate accommodate the modification or alteration. In case the modification or alteration cannot be accommodated then 100% of the booking fee is forfeited, unless eligible for a refund as stated above.

13. What’s your policy on host-guest etiquette and staff interaction?

We ask that you please do treat us and our staff & representatives with respect. We will not tolerate rude & abusive behavior towards us or our staff. Our staff is comprised of sweet, respectful and service-oriented people. They will treat you right so please also treat them right. 🙂
Please also note that the building is a private residential space, so please keep the noise level down, as there are other families residing in the building. We have had complaints from other neighbors before, so to avoid this from happening again, we request that our guests to refrain from shouting, very loud laughter and karaoke singing inside and outside their units. Thank you very much.

14. How secure is the building, and what is required from me before check in?

Please note that bldg management is applying tight security policies in the building to ensure the safety of the tenants & their guests, as such, the following procedures have to be completed before a guest could check in the unit:

– All guests should submit their passports copies if they are foreign nationals and any valid id like drivers license, company ID, etc., if they are Filipino Nationals, at least a day before arrival, as the building management requires this to process the guests’ building pass.

– The guests should complete the move-in form providing their contact numbers, email addresses, emergency contact etc. before going up to the unit.

– All guests will also be requested to complete a property pass and submit their belongings for a bag check, if asked.

This policy is applicable to all long term & short term tenants.